About Russian and non-Russian anti-Kremlin forces?

The events earlier this week in the border regions with Ukraine have brought the military and political processes in Russia to a new level. It should be noted that these events are mostly hidden from the Russian population, and many people who do not use Telegram, VPN, etc. are unaware that armed groups with patches of the Russian Volunteer Corps (RDC) and the Legion «Freedom of Russia» (LSR) have entered several settlements in Ukraine from the territory of the Russian Federation, creating a front line of 46 kilometers. And all this is happening on the so-called old territory of Russia, within its internationally recognized borders, which the Kremlin claims to be protecting. So they «protected» them one year after the start of their military operation! But many of our readers are currently interested in another question — how should one view this so-called Russian opposition, which today represents only the divisions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, but tomorrow may try to take over Russia?

Before answering this question it is necessary to clarify that these two «organizations», LSR and RDC, have different positions. The LSR represents the patriots of a multinational democratic Russia and is close to Ilya Ponomarev, who verbally recognizes the right of Russian republics and regions to secede or simply not to join the new Russia, because he believes that before joining it, all these regions must make such a decision in a referendum. If Ponomarev is a Russian democratic internationalist with leftist views, the RDC represents ethno-nationalists with ultra-rightist views. They do not hide their Islamophobia and Caucasophobia, but the good thing about them is that they agree with the disintegration of Russia in order to create a Russian mono-ethnic state on a part of its territory. But it must be understood that all this is just talk. So let’s move on to the answer to the question.

Strategically and ideologically, it should be an axiom for every Muslim movement and project that no Russian or Russian opposition can or should express or represent their interests. At best, it can take their interests into account; at worst, it can oppose them. But it will definitely not come from them or fight for them. Therefore, there should be no hope for a change from Putin to Navalny, Khodorkovsky, Kasparov, Ponomarev, or anyone else, no hope for any Russian councils, congresses, forums, etc., from Muslim forces. Accordingly, their goal should be to establish control over their territories, after which they can negotiate with various Russian political forces, not as a part speaking to a whole, or a province talking to the center, but on equal international principles, like one country talking to another.

Moreover, even if no immediate international recognition is achieved, this should not change anything — first they must recognize themselves, then they must recognize each other as allied nations, and then sooner or later it can be legally accepted. However, in order to reach this point, the present regime must be overthrown, because as long as there is the Russian opposition or the RDC, at least theoretically, the behavior towards them can be approached from these positions, but with the preservation of this power, it will all remain dreams. From this point of view it is not so important who undermines this power, who undermines confidence in it and who takes control of parts of its territory. From this perspective, the establishment of control by any anti-Kremlin Russian group over any territory of the present Russian Federation, which is not within the sphere of historical and geopolitical interests of Muslim nations, can only be welcomed. Therefore, it is better for the Belgorod or Kursk regions, for example, to be under the control of open Islamophobes from the RDC, who will help break the Kremlin’s control and allow Muslim forces to establish their order, than to be under the control of false friends of Muslims, who are actually the main enemies of Islam from the Kremlin, under whose rule Muslim nations expect to be forcibly assimilated and converted.

Therefore, on the one hand, there are no illusions and hopes about the Russian opposition. On the other hand, its successes will continue until it undermines this regime without encroaching on Muslim territory. At the same time, it is very important not to relax and to be aware of the threat that comes not so much from the Russian opposition, but from the potential weakness of the Muslim forces in their countries. After all, the Russian opposition is already trying to regain its territories. And although this is happening thanks to the border position of these regions and the Ukrainian Armed Forces that are actually carrying out this operation, conditions that do not exist in the Caucasus or the Idel-Ural, people from these regions or those who come from them in Ukraine must already seriously prepare to take c

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