Ankara demands that the US and Russia stop supporting the YPG

(On the photo: YPG or Kurdish Democratic Union fighters with their flag)

Today, the US Ambassador to Turkey, John Bass, and the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov, were summoned to the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They were warned about the inadmissibility of supporting the YPG — Kurdish Democratic Union.

It is no longer news that the YPG is supported by the US. Thanks to the assistance of the American aviation, Kurdish fighters achieved significant progress during the summer of 2015 and rapidly advanced towards the unification of Kurdish enclaves in Syria and Iraq, which would pave the way for the creation of Greater Kurdistan. We have previously written about the potential threat of this project becoming a new Trojan horse within the heart of the Islamic world, with the risk of domination by anti-Islamic forces. Moreover, the process of «reversion» of some Kurds from Islam to Zoroastrianism, encouraged by these forces, raises further concerns. Creating a Greater Kurdistan would not only attract adjacent Kurdish-populated regions of Turkey but also draw them into the anti-Islamic sphere.

Ankara’s counterterrorism operation, initiated at the end of the summer, managed to halt the territorial expansion of the Greater Kurdish forces and the merging of their enclaves into a single state. However, it has now become evident that the Americans want to entrust the offensive on Raqqa to the Kurds, in particular, the ones influenced by Syrian Democrats (who broke away from the SDF), which poses a renewed threat to Turkey.

What remains intriguing is the question of why the Russian Ambassador was also summoned, as there has been no direct evidence of Russia supporting the YPG. Some speculations suggest that Russia might be arming the YPG through the Iraqi government, to which it supplies weapons.

This situation indicates the emergence of an anti-Turkish and anti-Islamic consensus between the US, Russia, and Iran, standing behind their puppets in Baghdad and Damascus.

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