Bold Time: What did the action on July 20th in Moscow show?

Another protest action of the Muslims of Moscow, organized on the initiative of the Telegram channel «Utro Dagestana», was quite successful, as evidenced by the enormous media response it received, which was achieved with limited resources and without casualties at the moment. It should be noted that the essence of such actions is that when returning from Friday prayers in the mosques, Muslims in the crowd begin to chant «Takbir — Allahu Akbar»! We have already written that there is no violation of law or public order in this, and there won’t be until the mentally unstable forbid chanting anything out loud at religious processions. Which would be complete madness, because then they will have to forbid chanting «Christ is risen — indeed He is risen» (May Allah protect us from attributing this to Him) during Orthodox processions. Until then, legally, they will all be in the same category, and only the panicky stupidity of Islamophobes can explain why they themselves ascribe political significance to this chant, when it would have been wise for them to simply ignore it. But when have they ever acted wisely?

Anyway, in an atmosphere of panic, paranoia, and a besieged fortress (although what kind of fortress it is…), not only dozens of media, including foreign ones, wrote about this action, but also numerous z-channels began to discuss it fervently, calling it a diversion of the Ukrainian CIPO and demanding a «harsh reaction» from the authorities. In other words, politically, the action hit the mark, and its organizers provided a comprehensive commentary on their political goals, formulating clear and understandable demands to the Russian security forces — to stop breaking into and raiding religious buildings (

Regarding this statement, we would like to note from our side that the division made in it between the goals of Muslims in Muslim regions, who will fight for liberation from the Russian Empire, and in non-Muslim regions, where Muslims will simply seek humane treatment, is well thought out and correct. However, we would not say that Muslim communities in non-Muslim regions have no political ambitions or interests at all. It would be more accurate to say that Muslims in these regions, unlike Muslims in Muslim regions, do not have the goal of establishing an Islamic order. But this does not mean that they cannot have other forms of political participation in these regions in the future, as is the case in London, where Muslim voters elected Sadiq Khan as mayor (whatever one thinks of him and his policies). But this is only a comment on the wording.

And of course we cannot ignore the reaction of pro-government «Muslim activists» to this protest. While it’s one thing for state-appointed imams to warn their congregants about «fitna» — that’s their job — it’s incredibly pathetic to see those who have the Sisyphean task of defending Muslims in Putin’s Russia’s courts, while at the same time condemning their actions in defense of their rights. In this regard, let us quote the reaction of the «human rights defender» — Putinist lawyer Nagiyev ( with our comments on it:

«We have already written that actions, processions and shouts of Muslims in Moscow are not necessary! We should not play into the hands of provocateurs! Their goal is to ignite interreligious and interethnic conflicts. This is what Islamophobes are waiting for in order to achieve repression against Muslims». — Are you sure, comrade lawyer, that you are not confusing causes and effects? Perhaps this particular action was a response to the repression of Muslims and their persecution (i.e., interreligious discord), rather than the other way around?

«It is known that professional lawyers are dealing with the issue of mosques in Kotelniki and Dzerzhinsky. We have repeatedly proved that problems can be solved within the framework of the law. After our intervention and the reaction of spiritual leaders and Muslim politicians, Friday raids on mosques have stopped». — Seriously? When did they stop — recently in Kotelniki or Dzerzhinsky? Or does it mean that they did not have time to carry out new ones afterwards? Well, set a deadline — the police cannot conduct raids every day, they need their rest too.

«It seems that radicals are not satisfied with this, and they began to call on believers to take to the streets. However, it is remarkable how some Muslims fall for this and do not understand that they are aggravating the situation, creating problems for themselves and their relatives, and giving more work to lawyers». Well, well — they give more work to the lawyers! They have already worked hard for Aslambek Ezhayev, who was sentenced to 17 years of hard regime imprisonment out of nowhere, for dozens of other Muslims who were also imprisoned or will be imprisoned for such terms, and now they are prevented from resting on their laurels. But seriously, have

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