Hammer vs. Sledgehammer: Is the end near?

So, if not long ago Putin’s chef and leader of the «Wagner» terrorist organization, Yevgeny Prigozhin, was publicly smashing the heads of ordinary Russians who were against his will with a sledgehammer, now he is threatening the same employees of the Russian presidential administration. Here’s what he said today:

«Today, in the Old Square of the Presidential Administration, we have a large number of people who are thinking about only one thing — that Russia loses the war as soon as possible, that the Americans come and regulate us. Because if we fall on Uncle Sam’s knees, he will forgive us all our sins: for supporting pro-Russian interests, for supporting Putin, and for simply living in this country. Gentlemen, this will not happen. Remember, it is not enough to humiliate yourselves in front of the Americans. We have to do it in such a way that they like it. But that will never happen. They will not accept you. And then you will come to us, where Wagner’s sledgehammer will be waiting for you.»

Well, what can you say? It is pointless to discuss how this country came to such a state. After all, when we and other «radicals» for many years have called the Russian authorities and security forces, which use terrorist methods and cover them up, terrorists, some readers thought it was an exaggeration. Because until recently it seemed that there were some unwritten rules of decency, and if something like this was done, it was done unofficially, while the state referred to legality, although it was clear that it was not observed.

In fact, the further we went, the less this was the case even before this war, because numerous investigations have reliably revealed the involvement of Russian authorities and security forces in numerous acts of terror, and there was nothing to argue against them. And the war has finally torn off these masks, and Yevgeny Prigozhin has become the one who has finally buried the last illusion of legality in Russia. First, as a private citizen, he essentially abolished it in the field of the execution of punishments, taking all the criminals (including literal cannibals) from the prisons and forming his army from them. Then his people smashed the head of a traitor with a sledgehammer, and not only did he approve of it, he sent the sledgehammer to the European Parliament. And now he is threatening the sledgehammer not to anyone, but to the employees of the presidential administration.

And now a question to the readers who stayed in Russia — if a terrorist, who got a carte blanche from Putin, can threaten the employees of his administration with the sledgehammer, what can be said about you, ordinary mortals? In that case, anything and everything can be done to you under the «sledgehammer justice». We are not writing this to frighten you, but simply to document the reality that many, even to this day, are afraid to call by its true name. As for exaggeration, we would like to say that, on the contrary, the night is darkest just before the dawn, and right now, when it has taken on such a clearly terrorist character, this regime is much closer to collapse than when it pretended to adhere to certain rules of decency.

Yes, Prigozhin has not only sledgehammers, but also artillery, aviation, experienced thugs, and cannon fodder, with which he can capture some Ukrainian villages that have been under siege for six months and bury everything in corpses. But he has embarked on a path that will inevitably lead to his destruction, sooner rather than later. The U.S. authorities have already announced not only the search for Prigozhin himself, but also the worldwide crackdown on his private military company, Wagner. In this (and only in this!) respect, he is now on a par with Qasem Soleimani or Osama bin Laden, and the Wagner PMC is on a par with ISIS and Al Qaeda.

It should be noted, however, that this former Putin’s cook and common bandit is not even close to these figures and organizations in terms of ideology or political experience. But in terms of how he will be treated, it is quite possible.

Both Qasem Soleimani and Osama bin Laden were tracked down and killed by the Americans, as were many of their enemies. In the past, the Russians boasted of their ability to track down and kill their enemies, as happened with General Dudayev (may Allah accept his martyrdom), and even took advantage of the favoritism of the United States and its intelligence services, as it was the political conjuncture at the time.

However, the situation has changed, and those who wield the sledgehammer expect a response in the form of Khaimars who hit the mark — «graduates of the Makeevka Vocational School» wouldn’t lie about it. So, the terrorist leadership of Russia has not only started down this path, but is actively moving down a path where it will inevitably face what it used to do to its adversaries in its best times.

To our readers who cannot contribute to this, we simply wish that they at least do not go down this path with those who will offer them nothing better than sledgehammers or cannon fodder roles for the Khaimars.

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