Has a Shiite fanatic desecrated the tomb of the Prophet’s companion?

In Damascus, in the historic cemetery of Bab al-Saghir, a Shiite fanatic insulted the tomb of a companion of the Prophet (peace be upon him), the ruler of the righteous and the actual founder of the Umayyad Caliphate, Muawiyah (peace be upon him), in front of the cameras. Confident in his impunity, this insignificant person spits at the tomb of a great military commander and ruler of Islam, while declaring that Shiites will rule Syria and the whole world. Watch this video — it reveals the true face of those who are triumphing on the ruins of Syria, backed by Russian and Iranian bayonets. Although, most likely, the regime will symbolically denounce such an extremist and expose his true face, if its leaders have even a trace of intelligence left.

Nevertheless, we see how the Shiite extremists, from their international gangs that have flooded the country from all over the world, do not respect the regime’s false secularism and neutrality in religious matters, and that is why Assad has managed to save himself and reclaim 70% of the country’s territory.

In this context, it is important to comment on the discussions about the regime’s ideology, which is drifting away from secular Arab nationalism (Baathism), which has proven to be totally ineffective, towards so-called «moderate Islam» as understood by the regime’s bloody executioner, «Mufti» Hassun. It is clear that all this so-called «moderation» will be imposed exclusively on the Sunnis, including talk of «rapprochement of schools of thought», «Sunni-Shiite brotherhood», etc., and classifying anything contrary as «extremism», «takfirism», etc.. On the other hand, the Shiites will have their hands completely free to engage in relentless anti-Sunni propaganda, including insulting the companions and wives of the Prophet (May Allah bless him and grant him peace) and may He be pleased with them. Well, unless they have the intelligence to at least refrain from posting it on the Internet.

In fact, these tendencies were already evident before the war, causing many Sunnis to rise up, but now that the regime has managed to hold on only with Shiite bayonets (and Russian bombs), they are fully manifesting themselves.

But God willing, after hardship comes ease, the truth will emerge and the lies will disappear in the face of the puppet regime and its Iranian-Russian masters, and in the land of the Companions and the great men of Islam, their names will once again be heard with honor.

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