In the cannon fodder called Muslim enemies?

In the Muslim regions of Erefia, the concerted recruitment of cannon fodder for the war for the «Russian world» continues. In Bashkortostan, for example, the formation of a second «Bashkir» volunteer battalion was announced even before the first one was formed. Four representatives of the «veterans of airborne troops,» who were presented in the media as the Soviet equivalent of Rambo, have come forward with this initiative. You can judge the appearance of these «Rambos» from their photos and videos of their performances.

But this time attention is drawn to the image that these Soviet workers pretending to be Rambo are recruiting cannon fodder in a Muslim region for the war for the «Russian world». If the first «Bashkir» battalion was named after a Soviet general of Bashkir nationality who, for some reason, fought for the USSR against the Germans, then the second battalion, proposed by the «veterans of the airborne troops,» proposes to name it after their comrade who died in the war against the Muslims.

Major Dostavalov, a native of Ufa, whose name is proposed for the second «Bashkir» battalion, died in the battle against Chechen mujahideen in Ulus-Kert in 2000, along with other well-known Pskov paratroopers, whose defeat once again demonstrated the value of the Soviet «Rambo».

In principle, such a choice of symbols and «heroes» for the «volunteers of the Russian world» from Muslim regions can only be welcomed. It is better to name them after the names of open enemies of Muslims than after pseudo-national heroes like Shaymuratov, and especially not after the names of real heroes of Muslim peoples like Salavat Yulaev or Imam Shamil. Let the «mankurtas» with Muslim names fight for the «Russian world» in battalions named after Dostavalov and Budanov, not after their illustrious ancestors.

So that, as they say, there is no doubt about who is who.

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