Organizer of Koran burning in Sweden: freak-shaitan or agent provocateur?!

Last time, investigative journalists did not need much time to establish a Russian connection in the provocation involving the burning of the Koran in Sweden on the eve of its possible admission to NATO. This time, we will not be so definitive in our conclusions, but the identity of the organizer of a similar recent action also deserves attention, especially with regard to his possible links to Russian special services and agents of influence.
So we have before us Salman Momika, the organizer of this diabolical action. He is neither Swedish nor European, but an Iraqi who has moved to Sweden. However, he is not an «ethnic Muslim» — an apostate, as some have written — but a member of one of the Iraqi Christian groups, probably Aramean or Assyrian.
It is worth noting, by the way, that this is the second recent incident involving «Arab Christians» in Europe that has affected its security and interests. The first took place in France, as we reported.
However, this is not the end of the matter, as Momika has an interesting and telling political biography in his time in Sweden. In 2014, he was an active participant and even a representative of the Syrian Hawks Forces group, which interacted with pro-Iranian groups and presumably the Assad regime’s special services.
In other words, Momika’s history includes involvement with Kremlin allies during the war in Syria. Therefore, his connections in Sweden with the Swedish Democratic Party, known as Swedish friends of the Kremlin, are not surprising.
At the same time, in his Twitter blog, Momika tries to make a name for himself as an opponent of the Putin regime and a supporter of Ukraine. This is absolutely atypical for both the Swedish Democrats and the pro-Iranian forces. But even here there are slips — for example, in one of his publications in solidarity with Ukraine, he posted a map that was obviously Russian, as it showed Ukraine without Crimea, which cannot be imagined on any Ukrainian or European map.
In short, there are indirect indications that we are dealing with another Kremlin agent provocateur in this case, but we will not draw any definitive conclusions. It is possible that he is simply a freak possessed by the devil, of which there is no shortage these days.
However, this does not negate what we have repeatedly written about — Muslims in Sweden, as in other countries, demand and will continue to demand protection of their holy places and religious dignity from clearly offensive and hostile actions. This is also supported by other reasonable members of the relevant societies, including Swedish society.

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