Saving the extraordinary Haftar, or who will break faster in Libya?

The successes of the internationally recognized, Turkish-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) ( have become its spectacular revenge for its defeat in Sirte earlier this year ( These events have confirmed our recent thoughts — in the prolonged competition in the Moscow-Ankara region, geography will play the final role, allowing Turkey to transport people and equipment from Russia to neighboring and distant countries cheaper and faster (
However, it should be understood that just as the loss of Sirte was not a final defeat for the GNA forces, the loss of strategically important coastal and border areas to the rebels supported by the UAE and Putin’s Russia does not mean the end of their game. There is no doubt that these and other supporting countries will do everything in their power not only to save Haftar from total defeat, but also to help him take revenge.
For example, Emirati drones responded to today’s defeat on the battlefields with heavy bombardments of the country’s capital and the headquarters of the legitimate government in Tripoli, killing eight people. Pro-Haftar sources also reported that the rebels sent their pilots to the Assad regime in Syria for training at the ad-Dumayr airbase.
It is also reported that the Russian intervention in Syria is currently organizing a group of 350 former Southern Front rebels who switched sides to the regime for transfer to Haftar’s side in Libya. This apparently indicates that the resources of the Russian private military company «Wagner» in Libya are close to exhaustion in the midst of an economic crisis, prompting the Kremlin to fill the gaps with a contingent of questionable motivation and combat readiness.
At the moment, Turkish military advisers, specialists and unmanned aerial vehicles have managed to seize the initiative in Libya, so it can be assumed that they will try to develop it further in order to prevent the rebels and their supporters from regaining strength and launching a counterattack.
However, it is necessary to seize this moment now. The further Turkey progresses, the more it will face the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, which requires and will require significant financial resources to resist. Just as the worsening economic situation in Russia is causing more and more Russians to question the spending on military adventures abroad, the voices calling for an end to costly foreign military missions will grow stronger in Turkey.

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