«Suddenly» or the dog’s return to vomiting?»

«The dog returned to its vomit» — this biblical aphorism aptly describes the events currently unfolding in northern Syria (https://golosislama.com/news.php?id=37363). Numerous commentators are now discussing this as a sensation, that the so-called «Kurds», who are actually a diverse group of communists, are waving the Baathist rags of the Assad regime to protect themselves from the inevitable defeat at the hands of the Turkish military and Syrian jihadists, meeting their «saviors» in some places, while in others they are desperately trying to imitate them, thinking it will help them.

Back in 2017, we wrote about this as the most logical outcome of the «evolution» of these red gangs (https://golosislama.com/news.php?id=32973). Let us refer to our own words: «There were never any illusions — from the very beginning, the Kurdish communists of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), later transformed into the Democratic Union and its self-defense forces (PYD — YPG), were Assad’s Trojan horse, just as they (knowingly or unknowingly) became ISIL’s Trojan horse. We have written about this many times, and we will repeat that this story is a long one, dating back to the time when the PKK, expelled from Turkey during the mini-civil war in the 1980s, found refuge in Syria. There they received asylum, legalization, bases and the opportunity to carry out their activities among the local Kurdish population, but on the condition of total loyalty to the regime.

With the beginning of the war in Syria, it was time to repay the debt, and the Kurdish communists in Syria initially simply participated in the war on the side of the regime against the rebels. Later, when the regime began to lose control of the situation, its red Kurdish clients began to position themselves as an independent force and received support from the U.S., which decided to bet on them in the fight against ISIL. As a result, the Red Kurds became the side that gained the most territory in Syria as a result of the war. Saved from defeat by Iran and Russia, the Assad regime and its forces now make a push towards victory and begin to do what they did not do before — fight against ISIL, successfully taking territories from the Syrian rebels to eventually hand them over to the Red Kurds and the Assad regime.

As a result, we now have a situation where the «reds» — the Assad regime — and the «yellows» — the Kurdish communists — control the majority of Syrian territory. Obviously, the remaining gray area in Syria — ISIL — will also be divided between them, although complete control over this territory will not last long and a guerrilla war will ensue there.

However, if the regime reaches an agreement with the red Kurds and they recognize its authority in exchange for some autonomy, this alliance will de facto control most of the country and act on its behalf. And what about the «greens» — the rebels? Judging by the map, they will remain scattered enclaves on the periphery of the territorially monolithic Assad Syria. This is not insignificant, of course — at the very least, they could remain protected areas for Sunnis who are unwilling or unable to live under the rule of Assad’s Alawite-Shiite terrorists and their Iranian-Lebanese patrons. In other words, the Syrian equivalent of anti-communist Taiwan, which refused to recognize the power of communist China.

But this will only happen if they manage to survive and establish a viable military-political configuration that allows them to survive. The factors that may contribute to this and those that may hinder it have already been described many times in the pages of «Golos Islam,» so we will not repeat them today.

And now what we wrote about two years ago is happening. It was not necessary to be a genius or a visionary to predict such a development of events. After all, the «Red Kurds» owe their very existence to the Assad regime — to the elder Hafez, who gave them refuge in Syria and saved them from defeat at the hands of Turkish security forces in the 1980s. Since then, the Assad regime’s intelligence service has kept a close watch on these terrorists, providing them with bases and cooperating with their assets, considering them a valuable resource.

Therefore, the speculations of various conspiracy theorists that accompanied the beginning of the «Fountain of Peace» operation, claiming that Erdogan is trying to seize territory from the «Kurds» in the north in order to eventually hand it over to Assad, could only evoke a crooked smile. They claimed that these Kurds, as the main opponents of the regime, were hindering the transfer of territory under the regime’s control and that the Turks were now needed to eliminate them in the interest of the regime!

Even more ridiculous were the considerations of some observers, especially Ukrainians, that the Kurds are uncompromising opponents of all imperialism, including Russian (!), with which it is easier to find common ground with their Turkish colleagues. This is despite the fact that Russian neo-imperialism is not Sovietism, as it has shed the skin of Marxism-Leninism in favor of the colors of the «Russian world», while retaining its Chekist foundation. In other words, the same personnel that once supervised and protected Kurdish communists and Syrian socialists from the Baath Party. Not to mention the fact that in 2016, the representative office of the «Kurdish» Democratic Union was grandly opened in Moscow in the presence of representatives of the Russian political beau monde. (https://golosislama.com/news.php?id=29104) Can we really believe that they «suddenly» made a deal with the Assad regime with Moscow’s mediation and be surprised by how radically they changed their strategy?

In reality, it was simply time to put all their cards on the table. Despite their tactical disagreements, the regime and its protégés are now trying to prevent the creation of a contiguous territorial mass for the practical establishment of a Syrian Sunni state in the north. This turn of events was predictable and inevitable, as was the Kremlin’s support for it.

It remains to be seen whether the Turkish leadership will have the political will and the military power to prevent it.

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