Ukraine Rewards Its Muslims?

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has awarded the orders «For Merits» and «For Courage» to a number of prominent representatives of the Muslim Ummah of Ukraine. Among the recipients are the former head of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Ukraine «UMMA» Said Ismagilov and the head of the Military Chaplaincy of Muslims of Ukraine Murad Putylin (pictured with glasses).

Crimean Tatar public figure Zair Smedlyaev and sports activist Enver Ablaev were also honored with these awards. Smail Memetov, the oldest Crimean Tatar who fought in Donbass, was posthumously awarded the «For Courage» prize. These awards were reported by the official representative of the President of Ukraine in Crimea, Crimean Tatar Tamila Tasheva.

Of course, Muslims of Ukraine do not participate in the defensive war for the sake of such awards, but for the satisfaction of Allah, defending their religion, property, freedom, reason, and origin. Nevertheless, it is gratifying that the Ukrainian leadership consistently recognizes their contribution to the national struggle of the Ukrainian people against the aggressor.

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