Who is the owner in the Tartar house? Does the chauvinist Shcheglov’s insult to the Turks go unpunished?

The famous Russian chauvinist, Islamophobe and outspoken supporter of the liquidation of Tatarstan and its transformation into the province of Kazan, Mikhail Shcheglov, was released yesterday after 12 days in detention for inciting inter-ethnic and inter-religious tensions.

The charges stemmed from Shcheglov’s hateful remarks against Muslim Turks amid rumors that they were buying land for construction in Sviyazhsk. But more on that later.

In the meantime, read the message carefully. Someone in Russia in 2023 will get 12 days for stirring up inter-ethnic and inter-religious tensions. No, we didn’t make a mistake — not years, but exactly days. In a country where people get ten years, if they are lucky, or 3-5 years, but never days or months, for similar charges.

For example, in Bashkortostan a public figure Ramilia Saitova received three years for publicly asking where so many Armenians in the republic came from (they came with the wife of the new Moscow representative Habirov). She served almost two years in harsh conditions. Tatar activist Rafis Kashapov also served three years and then left Russia.

Meanwhile, the Orthodox chauvinist and supporter of the liquidation of Tatarstan, Shcheglov, receives only 12 days for similar actions. This allows us to understand immediately who is in charge at home — Tatarstan, which is no longer really Tatar and (so far) bears only the nominal name, but in essence is already the province of Kazan.

Now about the Turks, as promised. Shcheglov, a supporter of the Russian world, has no problem with Russians buying property all over Turkey. Not only Turks and Muslims, for whom this is logical, but also thousands of his fellow believers, whom the Turks welcome with open arms. But in «Holy Russia,» which has somehow found itself on the territory of Turk-Muslims, Turks are not allowed to buy anything. And judging by the lenient response, Russian security forces sympathize with this approach.

In the photo, Rustem Minnikhanov and Marat Khusnullin greet a DEAR BROTHER who has arrived in Kazan for inspection.

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