Whose brain is dead: NATO or Macron?

The President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, reacted in his characteristic and absolutely appropriate way to the statements made by the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, regarding the state of NATO and Turkey as its member (https://golosislama.com/news.php?id=37510).
It should be recalled that the French president said in an interview with The Economist that «NATO’s brain is dead». He apparently decided to take a shot at it by raising the question of the need to exclude Turkey, a country with the second or third most powerful army among NATO members and the strongest navy in the Mediterranean, from this organization. In response, Erdogan said to Macron that «such statements only suit those whose brains, like yours, are dead» and advised him to «check his own brain first».
The amusing nature of this dispute may obscure an important fact. Why did Erdogan, who usually doesn’t hold back and reacts to attacks against him with lightning speed, wait almost three weeks after Macron’s statements for a suitable opportunity? And what is this appropriate occasion?
We also wrote about it last Friday (https://golosislama.com/news.php?id=37625) — this time Macron declared that neither Putin’s Russia nor Xi Jinping’s China are the enemies of NATO and named «terrorism» as the main enemy that they effectively fight. The terrorism to which Macron refers is hardly in doubt — Turkey is fighting the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, which is officially recognized as a terrorist organization in the EU, but instead of supporting Turkey, Macron called for its expulsion from NATO. And even if we are talking about real «Islamic terrorism» in the form of ISIS*, Turkey has done a hundred times more than France to fight it, but that doesn’t bother him. It can therefore be assumed that for Macron, «terrorism» is a euphemism for the «threat» posed by Islam itself, against which he proposes that Europe unite with Russia and China.
In other words, Macron proposes to exclude Turkey from NATO, which is a key country for ensuring security in the Mediterranean (limiting the flow of refugees to Europe and fighting terrorist groups), and to form an alliance with Putin’s Russia and Xi Jinping’s China. By the way, when we talk about the «brain of NATO» that Macron «buried», NATO’s intelligence and analytical agencies have repeatedly identified these two countries as the main threats to the alliance, which, unlike so-called «Islamic terrorism», have the real potential to counter it. But someone finds it advantageous to create the impression of the opposite, and here, after a long break, synchronized with Macron’s statements, «Islamic terrorists» carry out attacks in London and The Hague…
Therefore, the question remains whether NATO’s brain is dead, or if Macron, who is in conflict with it, is driven by the desire to create a new alliance directed against the Islamic world, or, as some observers have suggested, by the desire to solve his personal problems due to his vulnerability to serious compromising information held against him by NATO’s enemies.
* — banned in Russia.

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