«Старый конь борозды не испортит»: Is Biden drowning Putin with the help of Saudi Arabia?

So we can talk about the first practical results of US President Joe Biden’s tour of the Middle East, the goals of which we wrote about (https://golosislama.com/news.php?id=40856). Biden managed to reach an agreement with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to increase Saudi oil exports by 50%, which will contribute to further Western abandonment of Russian energy resources.

Starting in August, Saudi Arabia will be able to increase oil production from 10 to 11 million barrels per day, with the goal of reaching 13 million barrels per day in the future. Well, Biden’s opponents can of course paint him as an old fool, but he knows what he is doing. As the Russians say, «an old horse doesn’t ruin the furrow.»

Of course, Biden had to face a lot of fair criticism in the West for warmly meeting, shaking hands and negotiating with a person he himself called the killer of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. He handled this situation in a strange way — by repeating to journalists that he holds Mohammed bin Salman responsible for this murder and urged him not to allow this to happen again. As if to say, «Just don’t do it again.

On the other hand, neither we nor our long-time readers have any illusions about the nature of modern international relations. They are driven first and foremost by interests, and principles come last. And even then, considering the principles that the «powerful of this world» sometimes try to promote today, it is still unknown which is worse.

In this case, however, we can only welcome the ousting of impudent Russia from the global energy market, even if its place is taken not only by Saudi Arabia, but also by Iran. Unfortunately, we have to choose the lesser of two evils.

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