Armenian terrorist nest in Moscow: response needed?

Today «The Voice of Islam» will appear in two completely unfamiliar roles: as a defender of Russia’s national security against the threat of terrorism, and as a defender against the same threat to the existing power in the Republic of Armenia. For those who don’t immediately understand why we are doing this, an explanation will be given at the end of this article.

So, at least one of its citizens and a well-known public figure in Russia is openly engaged in propaganda and essentially organizing terrorist activities on its territory, and about a dozen Russian citizens are anonymously engaged in the same activities on its territory. This is undoubtedly being done by the Russian media mogul Aram Gabrelyanov (photo), who with the beginning of the Second Karabakh War turned into a mouthpiece of the Armenian militarists and after its end into a vengeful and terrorist force. What he is currently doing falls under the provisions of Article 205.2, paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation — Public calls to carry out terrorist activities, public justification of terrorism or propaganda of terrorism carried out through mass media or electronic or information and telecommunication networks, including the Internet.

In particular, yesterday he published in his telegram channel several calls for the assassination of representatives of the highest political leadership of the Republic of Armenia as part of a repetition of the terrorist operation «Nemesis». We provide links to these publications and their screenshots in case they are deleted (, As seen, the inspirers of terrorists continue to add to their list of potential victims: https://t. Me/AramGabrelyanov/141. We would like to draw attention to the fact that this is not some kind of freak, but one of the key representatives of the Russian media business — the Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC «Editorial Office of Izvestia Newspaper», the owner of the publishing house News Media, which includes the former Life News and now Mash, the President of the holding company «Baltic Media Group», the owner of the football club «Ararat» (Moscow). Along with him, a number of anonymous Armenian telegram channels are engaged in incitement to terrorism, the authors of most of which are also located in Armenia and are its citizens: Armenian Military Portal (, Spitak Arch (, and others whose posts can be found in Gabrelyanov’s channel.

While Russian President Vladimir Putin is calling for support to the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan, in particular, in the implementation of the agreements reached to end the war, these Russian citizens, both unknown and public figures, are calling for terrorist acts against the top leadership of the country — Russia’s ally in the CSTO. In this regard, we call upon our readers, especially lawyers and human rights activists among Russian citizens, to inform their law enforcement agencies about the activities of Armenian terrorists, which clearly fall under the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

Now, as to why we are doing this. On the one hand, as they say, history repeats itself twice — first as a tragedy and then as a farce, and the fact that the victims of Armenian terrorist operations today are no longer Ottoman and Azerbaijani politicians, as was the case in the 20th century, but the leaders of the Armenian state itself, speaks for the bankruptcy of this project. On the other hand, if this Armenian terrorism is not suppressed at its beginning, starting with the Armenian officials, it will again spread to their other opponents. This is confirmed by the fact that during the war Gabrelyanov threatened the same «nemesis» with a prominent contemporary historian of Armenian origin, Filip Ekizyants, who exposes Great Armenian chauvinist myths and calls on Armenians to reconcile with their neighbors.

In fact, in general, it is completely unclear why in Russia, where people are imprisoned for harmless or controversial and ambiguous calls, there are those who feel entitled to openly organize terrorism. That is why we urge our readers to speak out against such double standards in politics. Please send us information about your complaints and their consideration to: [email protected] with the subject «Gabrelyanov». Based on the results of this campaign we will be able to determine whether Armenian terrorists in Russia have immunity and the value of the solidarity expressed by its president with the current Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan.

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