Vladimir Putin: Does Russia have a Christian code of civilization?

The civilization code of Christianity unites Europe and Russia, but Russia will not impose itself if Europe creates an iron curtain,» Putin said during the meeting called «Valdai Forum». And this is what we are constantly writing about. The Kremlin does not consider Russia a part of the Islamic world, as our naive Muslims believe, nor an enemy of Europe and the West. On the contrary, they consider it theirs according to their «code of civilization,» but having expelled the Kremlin clan for its excessive ambitions and inadequacies, they must seek allies in the East and South.

Meanwhile, in Putin’s Russia, the struggle for the crusading «code of civilization» is gaining momentum. Moreover, as we have written several times, not only the disloyal but also the most loyal Muslims of crusading Russia who try to defend their «civilization code» will eventually fall victim to this struggle.

Thus, the pro-Kremlin publication «Readovka,» whose battle against Islam we regularly cover, this time targeted the Duma newspaper «As-Salam,» which dared to defend the niqab (https://t.me/readovkaru/4468). At the end of their exposé against the newspaper «Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Dagestan,» which kisses up to the Russian authorities, the Kremlin propagandists write: «The newspaper is freely distributed throughout Russia, including near the Moscow metro. It is not known what ‘As-Salam’ will call for tomorrow, so the investigation and suppression of radicals should begin today». And paraphrasing Gogol’s Taras Bulba, we would like to ask the Mufti of Dagestan: «Well, son, did your Lubyanka help you?»

Meanwhile, the geography of the «crusade» is expanding. If the last time an Islamophobe demanded the removal of the niqab from a Slavic Muslim woman in Moscow, this time it happened in Ufa, the capital of the Muslim majority republic of Bashkortostan (https://t.me/charatussa/12910). And this also illustrates what we keep writing.

Pro-Kremlin bots or sincerely deluded Muslims often come to us in the comments with the argument that Russia is better towards Islam than Europe. However, we keep repeating that the main difference between them today is not whether the niqab is being fought or banned somewhere. The main difference between them is that European countries, with rare exceptions like France (and even then indirectly), have long since stopped occupying Muslim countries, incorporating them into their composition and trying to impose their «civilization code» on them.

Therefore, if Poland, as a mono-ethnic state of Poles, calls itself a Christian country where Muslims come as immigrants (although there are several Tatar villages that have been living there for centuries with their own mosques, cemeteries, etc.), it is natural for them because they do not hold Muslim territories in their composition. But when both pro-Kremlin crusaders and Putin himself declare that Russia, which has conquered and maintains a number of Muslim territories, is a Christian country, and when they impose a «Christian code of civilization» on the Muslims there, it is nothing but colonialism. The very thing that Putin cynically called for fighting at the same meeting.

So, in summary: Russia is a crusading colonial empire in relation to the conquered Muslim peoples, not an ally of the Islamic world in the fight against the crusaders. Understand this yourself and explain it to others.

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