Can Migrants Be Driving to Slaughter in Russia in the Fall?

Last week we reported on the raids on migrants from Central Asia who have obtained Russian citizenship and the calls by prominent ideologists of the «Russian world» to baptize them and send them to the front to fight against Ukraine for their new «homeland» ( Unfortunately, numerous sources, both in Russia and in the West, directly or indirectly confirm that it is precisely these «new Russians» who may find themselves in the forefront of those who will be sent to die «for the motherland, for Putin» this fall.

According to the American agency Bloomberg, which often has inside information and many of its predictions come true, the Kremlin is preparing to launch a new wave of mobilization in mid to late September, comparable in scale to that of a year ago, or even surpassing it.

The stirring up of a new anti-migrant wave, which is taking place in Russian Telegram channels with a massive audience, indicates that the problem of sending unwilling Russians to the front will be partially solved by presenting it as sending «blacks» to fight.

Such an approach would allow the Kremlin to kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, it will fill the gaps on the increasingly cracked front lines with new cannon fodder. On the other hand, it will gain the support of Russians, most of whom, as is well known, live by the principle of «we don’t need to have our own, we just don’t want you to have yours». Especially when these neighbors are their beloved «blacks».

What can we say about that? A year ago, hundreds of thousands of «white» Russians obediently went to mobilization, although many were confident or hoped that they would rebel if Putin decided to call them up by force. Not at all — at best they ran away from the country (and congratulations to those who at least did that).

Now, this fall, it seems that we will be able to test the degree of submissiveness of the «black» Russians and their willingness to go to the slaughter like their «white» «compatriots». Therefore, those of you who do not intend to revolt in response to this, we urge you to pack your bags and run away before it’s too late.

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