Tajiks in Russia: «Cross yourself and go to the front!» What does the «Russian world» need from the «new Russians»?

We have written many times about the extreme stupidity, if they do not understand, or the extreme malice, if they do understand but continue to speak, of those pro-Kremlin «Muslim activists» who claim the «Islamization of Russia» as a result of mass migration from Central Asia, and especially in the case of the restoration of a unified state within the borders of the USSR.

We have explained many, many times with facts and evidence that the Islamophobia of the Russian state is not temporary or accidental, not at certain points in its history, or due to the ill will of certain rulers or «werewolves in shoulder boards». On the contrary, it is its inherent political and ideological character, its historical mission, and therefore a normal attitude towards Islam and Muslims should be seen as a program failure and a misunderstanding that will eventually be corrected while this program is in effect.

In recent days, with the mass roundups of Central Asians who have obtained Russian citizenship for subsequent deployment to the front, many have been able to see this clearly. But perhaps someone will say that these «new Russians» will go to fight for the Muslim future of Russia, which is being Islamized thanks to them? Alexander Dugin, a person considered worldwide as one of the main ideologists of Putin’s Russia, gave a comprehensive answer to this assumption in his blog (see photo). Basically, no further comments are needed. If we had written that these are the plans of the «Russian world» for the «new Russians», the critics would have accused us of propaganda and lies. But they are the ones who say it themselves.

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