French President: Is NATO Brain Dead?

This week, one of the most popular materials on our website among readers was a small review of Bashar al-Assad’s interview. It should be noted that in addition to this review, which reveals the essence of his strategy, there was a part of the interview in which he expressed his conspiratorial views on the events in Syria. According to him, there is not only an intense rivalry and conflict, but also a difference in objectives between the USA and Turkey. As a proxy of Iran and Russia, but trying to present himself as a wise leader of a sovereign state, Assad tries to present Turkey as a proxy of America. By the way, this view is practically identical to the view of an Islamic political party that we regularly defend against unjust repression on our website, but whose political vision we cannot take seriously.

Thus, at the end of last week, another world leader gave an interview that convincingly exposes the long-outdated notion that the West acts as a unified whole and its allies, especially NATO members like Turkey, simply obediently carry out its will. In his interview with The Economist, French President Emmanuel Macron openly proclaimed that NATO as an alliance is effectively brain-dead, and that its allies are no longer just the West and Turkey, but also the US and Europe among themselves.

Specifically, Macron questioned the key provision of the NATO charter, which states that if a third party attacks one of its members, the other countries must come to its military aid. And he did this by specifically pointing to Turkey, implying that if it were attacked by the forces of the Assad regime, he would not feel the need to defend it. This does not sit well with Assad’s claims that Turkey is carrying out the West’s order to dismantle the independent Syrian state under his leadership, does it?

Macron also said that under the leadership of Donald Trump, the U.S. has turned its back on Europe for the first time, putting Europe in a position where it must begin to ensure its own security (European leaders have been saying this for years, and there’s still no progress). «What we are witnessing is the brain death of NATO,» Macron said. However, it is unclear why he is complicating the diagnosis, since according to the absolute consensus of physiologists, brain death is the final death of the organism, or simply death.

In other words, Macron is announcing that NATO no longer exists — as a geopolitical entity, it is a fiction that performs nothing more than technical functions of military interaction, largely out of inertia. It’s about time that even Islamic pseudo-analysts understand this in their assessments and judgments, because they are stuck in a world that no longer exists.

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