From the voice of the enemy: the victory over Ukraine is intended to weaken the Turkish peace?

Our critics among the deluded «ethnic Muslims» who support Russia’s war against Ukraine, in response to our analysis of its goals, convince themselves and others that we made it all up. For many years now, we have been writing about one of the goals of this war, pursued by the current rulers of Russia, who have adopted the doctrine of the «Russian world,» which is to change the demographic trends within the Russian Federation. Specifically, they hope to stop «Islamization» by incorporating tens of millions of Orthodox Slavs. Of course, naive «ethnic Muslims» who shed their own and others’ blood for Russia in this war cannot believe that they are digging their own graves.

Therefore, it is better to give the floor to the enemy, namely to one of the quasi-Kremlin mouthpieces, Eadaily. Yesterday an article was published in which it is said that it is Russia that should oppose Turkic consolidation, an example of which is the affirmation of unified Turkic history textbooks. And here is what it specifically says:

«But why should Russia oppose Turkic integration? Strange as it may seem, the successful operation in Ukraine will have a sobering effect on the Turkic world. As of February 23, 2022, Ukraine has allowed Ankara to successfully conduct its foreign policy (see Russia’s operation in Ukraine disrupted Turkey’s plans) and contain Russia’s expansion (see Why Turkey and Azerbaijan openly sympathize with Ukraine?). It is no secret that the anti-Russian community of Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan supports Ukraine. After Turkey, they understand that Russia will be strengthened if it reunites with Slobozhanshchina, Novorossiya and Donbass. … In other words, the most fanatical enemies of Russia from Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan have realized that only the Russian world, which includes Russia, Belarus, and the Russian regions of Ukraine, can have an equal conversation with the Turkic world.»

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