Ukraine and Moldova in the EU. Who will influence whom?

The accelerated granting of candidate status for EU membership to Ukraine and Moldova is one of the most important global political news stories of the past week. Of course, for the Ukraine, which is literally bleeding and fighting for its survival, admission to the peaceful union, let alone the granting of candidate status, is not the most important thing it needs right now. It is much more important for Ukraine to receive military support, which is also significant. In the political dimension, however, this decision is very significant, as evidenced by the fact that Ukraine received this status bypassing a number of countries that have been waiting for it for a long time — Georgia and the Western Balkans, which we will come back to later.

The main strength and advantage of the EU is not what Ukraine needs now, which is not arms, because unlike NATO, it is not a defense alliance. But it is one of the largest economic entities in the world — the third after the USA and China. And the fact that it has recognized Ukraine as almost a part of it means that Ukraine will receive both much-needed economic support and access to the opportunities available within a united Europe.

The benefits of potential EU membership are obvious, but let’s also mention potential problems and speculate on the prospects for their resolution or exacerbation.

For Muslims and other supporters of family values, the main problem within the EU is the threat of dictatorship by those who seek to destroy these values and impose so-called gender ideology in their place. And although the Kremlin’s propaganda about «Euro-sodomy» and «Gay Europe» is grotesque, not to mention the inappropriateness of attempts to portray Putin’s Russia as a stronghold of conservative values, the first is the smoke that clearly indicates a fire.

This is why Ukraine, just before receiving candidate status, urgently adopted the Istanbul Convention, which Turkey only recently renounced ( Before that, however, Turkey itself adopted it in 2011, which is optimistic because it shows that such harmful documents can be both adopted and repealed. Even within the EU, as the example of Poland shows — a country that does not recognize this convention and generally stands guard over family values, anti-gender and feminist ideology.

But the example of Poland also shows the pressure that such countries are under. On the other hand, Poland and Hungary are almost alone in this today. What if there were more such countries in the EU? After all, in both Ukraine and Moldova, conservative family values are still strong, while gender values are still marginal. The same goes for many other countries in Eastern Europe, as well as the Western Balkans and Georgia, which are waiting for their turn to join the EU.

Speaking of the Western Balkans, we promised to come back. Of course, we are primarily concerned with the Muslim brothers of Bosnia, the importance of which we recently wrote about ( And here is an example for us of the political leader of the Muslim country, Bakir Izetbegovic, who with one hand is pushing for NATO and EU membership, and with the other hand is defending himself against those forces that want to impose alien values on them.

And these values are alien not only to Muslims, but also to Europe itself, as they were hundreds of years ago. And even now there are countries in the EU where this understanding dominates, such as Poland and Hungary. Therefore, the more such countries there are in it, where such understanding is widespread, the more chances there will be for healthy European nations and forces not to bend under the agenda of the gender commissioners, but on the contrary to set the tone.

Incidentally, the possibility of this is demonstrated by today’s news from another continent, where all seemed lost in this regard. Thus, today the US Supreme Court overturned the ban previously imposed by the states at their level to prohibit abortions. This means that now conservative states will be able to ban abortions, and this means that with the same success such states will be able to pass amendments stating that marriage is the union of a man and a woman.

So Muslims and other pro-family forces in the West should not despair. The more of us there are, the more chance we have of advancing our agenda rather than succumbing to hostile forces.

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