Monstrous tragedy in Makhachkala: Our pleas and condolences?

The editorial board of the Voice of Islam expresses its condolences to all those affected by the terrible tragedy that occurred last night in Makhachkala. We all belong to our Lord, and to Him we shall return, and may He receive the deceased, heal the injured, and comfort those who have lost loved ones.

At the time of writing, 35 people have already died and dozens more have been injured as a result of the explosion at a gas station near the «Globus» shopping center. Unscrupulous individuals have already rushed to blame the tragedy on «Ukrainian saboteurs» or even «Wahhabis,» but the most likely cause was a violation of fire safety regulations.

Many Muslims were deeply moved by the footage of one of the brothers asking the dying man to recite the Shahada. May Allah accept him as a martyr (according to an authentic Hadith, those who die in fire are considered martyrs) and reward him with goodness for reminding us.

In this already dangerous time, we call on everyone to be cautious in everything that has to do with such danger. May Allah protect us from the fire of this world and the fire of the Hereafter.

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