Muslims in the West Resist Expansion of LGBT?

Another so-called month of equality, which implies the promotion of LGBTQ ideology and symbols, has already shown an obvious trend. Namely, that one of the main forces in the West defending the traditional values inherent to Europeans, which they have largely abandoned or are abandoning, is becoming Muslim.

In many places in the United States and Canada, it is Muslim activists, including PTAs with a core of Muslim parents, who have not been afraid to engage in street confrontations with LGBTQ activists trying to impose their agenda on society. Particularly interesting is the example of the city of Hamtramck, an American city that recently gained notoriety for its Muslim majority effectively electing its Muslim leadership. Thus, during public debates in the city council, Muslim officials and representatives, with the support of other conservative Americans, advocated banning the display of LGBTQ flags on public buildings in the city.

A paradoxical situation has emerged — it is Muslims who have become the force defending the American national flag as the sole national symbol in an American city, while in many American cities the LGBTQ flag has become the second, and in some even the main, national symbol during this month.

Such a situation forces a reevaluation of the policies of many representatives of local political forces. For example, many liberals who hoped that the presence and growth of Muslims would contribute to «diversity» are deeply disappointed to find themselves in the «reactionary camp. On the contrary, many conservatives who saw the growth of the Muslim population as an «invasion» have discovered that it is the Muslims who are defending the values of honor and family that have stood for centuries in the West and that few in the West are willing to defend today.

All of this will undoubtedly have far-reaching consequences that have yet to be analyzed and understood by both non-Muslim and Muslim analysts and intellectuals.

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