«Putin defends Islam»: Illustration?

On the ruins of another Ukrainian city destroyed by the Russian army, the
head of the «parliament» of Kadyrov’s «Chechen Republic,» Magomed Daudov,
made a resonant statement. Promising to come to Berlin, he spoke about
what, in his opinion, Putin and his loyal subjects are destroying Ukraine
for. «Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, today Ramzan Akhmadovich Kadyrov,
these are our brothers who first and foremost protect Islam,» Daudov said.
This statement has already caused confusion among ordinary Ukrainians
(although they are already accustomed to absurd justifications for
Russian aggression) and has become a reason for Islamophobes to ridicule
Putin’s Russia.

For our part, we will simply post a photo of the former Islamic Cultural
Center in Severodonetsk, «protected» by Putin and his army, and provide a
story from its Imam, Timur Beridze, about how the «protection of Islam»
took place in that city: «Good day, everyone. I can’t write anything, I’m
in shock. This is what remains of the Islamic cultural center «BISMILLAH»
in Severodonetsk. The center was destroyed on June 16 at about 9 a.m.
DELIBERATELY. There was an attack with incendiary cartridges. Twenty
people were killed on the spot while fetching water in the yard. Some
were buried nearby in the area of the «Georgia» cafe, which collapsed
along with the mosque. The only thing that my mind can comprehend at the
moment and that I can ask for is that information about this war crime be
spread all over the world. Let the leaders of European countries, who are
helping Ukraine with one hand and buying Russian oil and gas with the
other, see these photos and see how they are helping the aggressor to
destroy Ukraine. Putin, this is your face and the face of your country,
your people. Kadyrov is the result of your godlessness, hypocrisy, and
betrayal of faith. May you be cursed in both worlds.

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