Regime of open political terror?

The photo shows «Berkut» employees and portraits of their victims. Two pieces of news published on our website last day together give an understanding of what we are dealing with in the face of the regime of the so-called «Russian Federation».
The first news is about the exchange of a natural killer for Ukrainian servicemen held captive by the Kremlin-controlled formations of the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics. (link)
And the second message is about sending the same killers to Niger to assassinate the famous Islamic preacher Abu Umar Sasitlinsky. (link)
If the second news could have raised doubts without the first, the credibility of sending such assassins to the controversial Islamic preacher leaves no doubt. However, these two messages do not exhaust the issue.
The composition of those exchanged under the Ukrainian-Russian agreement itself is revealing. Ukraine managed to get its military personnel, or at least its citizens, released. But who did Putin’s Russia get in return? With the so-called «militants», everything is more or less clear — they are classic participants in the armed conflict and therefore logical candidates for prisoner exchanges.
After all, the killer Dingo is a Russian citizen. But why did Putin’s Russia seek the release of Ukrainian citizens and members of the Ukrainian special unit «Berkut» who shot Ukrainian citizens in Kiev during the attempt to disperse the Maidan? The answer to this question is obvious — because it considers them its own, which invalidates all the Kremlin’s demagoguery about the fact that the clashes on the Maidan were an internal Ukrainian civil conflict with which it had nothing to do.
The fate of the former commander of the Ukrainian «Berkut» Sergei Kusiuk and some of his colleagues, who are now employed in the Moscow police and disperse protests of Russian citizens, is a vivid illustration of this. And the latest news is that last week Dmitry Fyodorov, a resident of Omsk, who had recently made a video appeal claiming that Rosgvardiya personnel had planted drugs on him, was found with his head cut off on the railroad tracks.
Now it is clear why the Kremlin needs new butchers.

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