Remembering Orkhan: Who and how should we honor?

Muslims in Russia are commemorating the anniversary of the premeditated and cynical murder of our brother Orkhan Dzhemal and his fellow journalists Alexander Rastorguev and Kirill Radchenko in the Central African Republic.

«The Voice of Islam team knew and worked with Orkhan, so his loss is a very personal tragedy for us. Perhaps many other Muslims who knew Orkhan can say the same. The problem, however, is that some of them have turned a blind eye to his murder and the murders of other principled and courageous Muslims in Russia, and have sided with, supported, or even worked for their killers. Yes, we must call a spade a spade, because the correct diagnosis is a necessary condition for treating the disease.

And the diagnosis is that both Orkhan and other principled Muslims in Russia were killed either under direct orders from the Kremlin or with its approval in order to «solve the problem» (

As for Orkhan specifically, first of all, any speculation about «who did it» should be dismissed. Everything has long been clear, as there are investigation results and evidence of the Kremlin’s guilt in the form of obstruction by the Russian Foreign Ministry, the Prosecutor General’s Office, and the Investigative Committee in the investigation of the murder (

Orkhan’s murder was organized and carried out by Prigozhin and his people with the full support of the entire state apparatus in Russia, which has essentially ceased to exist and become a branch of the terrorists who have taken it over. In other words, the same people who are killing and brutally torturing Ukrainians today are the same people who did the same to Orkhan. And both then and now, they are just the executors of the real mastermind behind all this — the Kremlin.

How can those who claim to be Orkhan’s friends actively support his murderers, who are continuing the murders and targeting new people? After all, hiding behind his name will not work in this case — Orkhan was pro-Ukrainian, called himself a «ukrop», and supported the Crimean Tatars who fell under the influence of the «Russian world». Therefore, today we propose to honor his memory by affirming that no one is forgotten and nothing is forgotten. And for those who have problems with their memory or conscience, we urge them to correct them before it’s too late.

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