Russia: Patchwork Empire Falling Apart?

Shortly before it collapsed, Austria-Hungary was called the «patchwork empire» because it seemed to be woven together from different patches or pieces, with seams that cracked under the strain of pulling in different directions. Recent news clearly shows that Russia today is also a patchwork empire, with cracks appearing along its seams. Here are just a few examples to confirm this:

— The most popular Yakut movie, «Ayta,» was banned by Russian authorities, sparking protests in Yakutia.

— The pro-Moscow governor of Bashkortostan, Radiy Khabirov, was forced to suspend the construction of an Orthodox church on the ancient site of «Bashkort» due to protests from the Bashkir community.

— The pro-Moscow governor of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, declared that children in Chechnya would not be taught from the new history textbook that justifies Stalin’s deportation of Chechens.

— State Duma deputy Vladimir Burmatov proposed banning the slaughter of horses in Russia, which is a traditional food for several indigenous peoples.

— Ethnic and interfaith conflicts based on everyday issues, as well as conflicts over the niqab, remain relevant despite the so-called «sources of national unity» (referring to government initiatives).

Moreover, the list presented clearly shows that Russian chauvinists cannot coexist not only with Muslims, but also incite animosity against Yakuts, as well as periodically against Kalmyks, Buryats, Finno-Ugric peoples, and so on. While one could argue that Tajiks or Uzbeks are immigrants and should not have a voice in this country, the same cannot be said for the Udmurts, Yakuts, Tuvinians, and others who are conquered nations of Russia living on their ancestral lands.

Even more, the question cannot be ignored regarding the millions of Muslims living on their ancestral lands in the Caucasus and Idel-Ural, whose conflicts with the «Russian world» are becoming more acute with each passing day.

Therefore, it is important to clearly understand that modern Russia is a patchwork empire. And as a result, it will face the same fate as previous patchwork empires. Our task is to prepare for life after Russia, not to try to save it at the cost of our own lives, hoping for gratitude that has never existed and never will.

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