A one-day war as a triumph of political will?

The military operation against the illegal Armenian formations in Nagorno-Karabakh, which Baku called a counter-terrorism operation and which has already gone down in history as the «one-day war», will undoubtedly go down in history books as an example of military and political effectiveness. All the more so when one considers that against this background, the «second army of the world», which was assembled during the «special military operation» to take Kiev «in three days», has been waging the bloodiest war in post-war Europe for the second year, with the number of dead on both sides approaching half a million, with entire cities and districts being wiped off the face of the earth, with vast territories being flooded, etc., and that this «second army of the world», which was assembled during the «special military operation» to take Kiev «in three days», has been waging the bloodiest war in post-war Europe for the second year. Against this background, to regain control in only one day (!) over the territories alienated from the state for 30 years, with almost no casualties, especially among the civilian population, without destruction, is truly the highest level of skill, especially for the leadership of Azerbaijan. However, we should not forget that this triumph is the result of a long-term strategy, preparation, investment of enormous resources and efforts, sacrifices and hardships of the entire Azerbaijani people over the past 30 years. Therefore, it is undoubtedly their national success and, moreover, indirectly the success of the entire Muslim Ummah, which, as we have already written during the previous triumph of Azerbaijan in the Second Karabakh War, has become accustomed to such victories. Insha’Allah, it is time to get used to it!

A few analytical remarks should be added to this justified sentiment, because such a miracle as a bloodless successful operation against the background of an ongoing mass slaughter requires a rational explanation. Of course, we do not know all the details, but to be honest, it seems that this is a personal success not only for Ilham Aliyev, but also for Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the consequence of which should now be the signing of a peace treaty between Armenia and Turkey, and then with Azerbaijan, with the long-awaited opening of communications, i.e. the Zangezur agreement. Pashinyan’s maneuvering towards Moscow is completely inexplicable if it is assumed that he intended to fight for Karabakh; the Armenian-American military exercises and the actual withdrawal of Armenia from the CSTO; the fact that Azerbaijan carried out this operation not before the Armenian elections, which could have hindered Pashinyan, but after his party won them; the absence not only of resistance from Armenia, but even a hint of it — all this indicates that the «special military operation» was coordinated in advance by the main actors. And the positive assessment of the behavior of the Armenian authorities during yesterday’s speech by Ilham Aliyev confirms this assumption… Therefore, now it is important to bring everything to a conclusion in order not to let this almost perfect operation fail. To achieve the integration into the legal and political field of Azerbaijan of the Armenians who are willing to live in it, to evacuate the dissenters to Armenia, to selectively suppress the resistance of those who oppose it without giving cause for accusations of genocide, etc. Getting Armenia’s final and official recognition of the new realities and helping it to completely break away from Russia, including by opening joint logistical projects with Turkey and Azerbaijan. We are witnessing tectonic geopolitical changes in the Caucasus, which should be followed by no less tectonic changes in the rest of Eurasia. May Allah make them as beneficial to Muslims as these.

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