The 9/11 attacks and the mysterious Musaed Ahmed Al-Jarrah?

A serious scandal is unfolding in the United States that may shed some light on the still mysterious case of the September 11 attacks. A group of relatives of the victims of those attacks, through their spokesman Brett Eagleson, has accused the US government of hiding information about one of the possible organizers in favor of its Saudi allies.
They are referring to none other than Saudi diplomat Musaed Ahmed Al-Jarrah (pictured), who headed the Islamic relations section of the Saudi Arabian embassy in the US from the mid-1990s until 2005. Allegations of his possible involvement in the 9/11 attacks first surfaced in secret FBI investigative materials in 2012. Until recently, his name was not disclosed and he appeared anonymously in public materials.
U.S. Attorney General William Barr twice objected to the disclosure of his name, saying it was a state secret. Similar objections were raised by representatives of other agencies, including the CIA and the Department of Justice, but recently his name was finally revealed along with previously classified investigative materials.
Now the families of the victims of the attack, numerous conspiracy theorists, and Islamophobes are accusing three different U.S. administrations (Bush, Obama, and Trump) of conspiring with their Saudi allies against American citizens. However, there may be another explanation to this mystery that conspiracy theorists do not consider.
Published materials indicate that even during the investigation, there were FBI employees who thought the charges against Jarrah were speculative. In this case, they may not have wanted to release his name to avoid an international scandal and to protect themselves from unfounded accusations with multimillion-dollar lawsuits. Moreover, if the allegations against Jarrah are indeed speculative, what guarantee is there that similar allegations against other participants will not be pieced together? In this case, the collapse of one allegation could have a domino effect, casting doubt on the entire investigation.
Another conspiracy theory suggests that a high-ranking embassy official from a country that is a strategic ally of the U.S. (let’s call a spade a spade — a satellite) on its territory was more likely to be acting in accordance with the plans of the intelligence services of both countries than against the interests of the U.S. In this case, his meetings with alleged agents of the CIA and the NSA could have had a knock-on effect on the investigation. In this case, his meetings with the alleged organizers and participants of these attacks would look quite different.
So, regardless of which version you choose, it turns out that American law enforcement and officials are primarily protecting themselves, not the Saudis, to the detriment of American citizens, which is what conspiracy theorists-Islamophobes accuse them of doing.

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