The Arab world rejects Trump’s «deal,» doesn’t it?

As we suspected, the public attitude toward the Trump-Netanyahu plan, presented as the «deal of the century» (, is unanimous among all Arab states, despite their strong disagreements. In the unanimously adopted statement of the Arab League last Saturday, it was stated that its members «reject the American-Israeli ‘deal of the century’ and recognize that it does not meet even the minimum rights and aspirations of the Palestinian people». Today, this position was confirmed by the summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the decision of which was clearly illuminated by the official outlet of the United Arab Emirates (

In this context, let us return to speculations about the special position of the UAE, KSA and even Qatar, which allegedly supported the Trump-Netanyahu plan, as supporters of this plan and opponents of these states and regimes try to present it ( At most, these states have welcomed the US efforts to reconcile Israel and Palestine, which is nothing more than diplomatic courtesy. As for the content of the proposed plan, all members of the Arab League rejected it. As for the presence of representatives of Oman, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates at the presentation of this plan by Trump and Netanyahu, as reported by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, they were not even informed about the details of this plan and when they were revealed, they joined the common position of the Arab League.

Certainly, the «naivety» of the representatives of these states seems unlikely, rather it is a matter of maneuvering — on the one hand, these countries could not refuse Donald Trump at least minimal support for his «epochal» (like everything with him) plan, on the other hand, they cannot accept it either. This also applies to the public position of Egypt, although we repeat what we said before — this state can de facto actively participate in the implementation of this plan in the part that interests it, namely the absorption of the Gaza Strip and its merger with the Sinai region. But let’s leave aside how successful Egypt’s efforts in this direction will be, and let’s assume that even in this case, its public position on an independent Palestine in the West Bank, including the question of Jerusalem, will probably continue to coincide with the position of the rest of the Arab world.

Why do we attach so much importance to this reaction? Only because for years many analysts have predicted the beginning of the reformatting of the Middle East through the formation of an alliance and the establishment of friendly relations between the Arab bloc (KSA, UAE, Egypt, Bahrain, Oman) and Israel, which these countries recognize the acquisition of Palestine for this alliance. However, we see that this prediction does not correspond to reality. Yes, in practice, these countries can cooperate with Israel, including against the Palestinians, such as Egypt and the UAE, which are obsessed with fighting the Muslim Brotherhood (which controls the Gaza Strip). But we must not forget that Qatar and Turkey, which are opposed to this bloc, also have dealings with Israel. Nevertheless, they all publicly maintain a coordinated position, and with such a position there is no talk of an «epochal» Israeli-Arab reconciliation at the expense of the interests of the Palestinians.

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