Total control by faces: coming soon to the entire RF?

Recently, leading world and some Russian-speaking media began to write about the total control system over citizens being implemented in China. Not surprisingly, its testing began in occupied East Turkestan, which the Chinese Communists turned into a large pilot concentration camp. Here is what was reported in the Meduza report, which was also published on our website: «Three years ago, the Chinese authorities announced that private and state video surveillance systems with facial recognition would be integrated into a single database that would cover the entire population by 2020. Xinjiang, where China’s first nuclear explosions took place, has again been chosen for the pilot project, and is home to the majority of the country’s 20 million cameras. The intimidating number of these cameras, visible to the naked eye, is confirmed by official sources — in 2016, spending on internal security exceeded China’s defense spending by 13%. Between 2014 and 2016, Xinjiang spent twice as much on surveillance as other regions; in 2017, it spent three times as much. Today, it takes Chinese police no more than seven minutes to identify and detain any suspect in a crowd whose facial features match those in the huge central database. After successfully implementing the surveillance system in Xinjiang, China began exporting the breakthrough technology. Two years ago, a branch of CEIEC, the state-owned company that provides the surveillance infrastructure, opened in Ecuador. China, the largest importer of Ecuadorian oil, provided a multimillion-dollar loan to that country for a project that installed cameras in two dozen Ecuadorian provinces. In January 2018, Xinhua reported that crime in the country fell by 11.8% as a result.Under the new agreement, CEIEC will implement a geolocation system in Ecuador that will allow the tracking of citizens’ cell phones. CEIEC has offices in Cuba, Brazil, Bolivia and Peru; the company has developed an Internet censorship system for the government of Uganda and is trying to expand in Africa. In the «Europe» section of the CEIEC website, there is currently only one office. It is located in Moscow.»
Judging by today’s emerging information, the valuable experience of senior Chinese comrades was learned by younger Russian comrades earlier than one might have expected. This can be concluded from a report published today by the opposition website Media.Zona on the case of civil activist Mikhail Aksel, who fell out of favor with the Center «E» (Center for Combating Extremism, known to the people as the Gestapo). According to Aksel, he was detained in the Moscow metro by police officers based on a signal from the facial recognition system being tested on certain Moscow metro lines. Aksel’s data was entered into this system by an ordinary Center «E» employee without any legal grounds, such as being a suspect in a criminal case, being wanted, etc. Here is how Aksel described it, based on the answers of the police officers who arrested him: «This is a biometric system that recognizes facial features,» the activist recounted. «There are cameras all around; a camera on the side took my picture. There is a camera in front of you, behind you, above you. It is impossible to hide unless you want to walk around in a mask, but it would be very strange to wear a mask in the subway. The system is currently being tested on the lower part of the red line (Sokolnicheskaya), where the World Cup was held. In the future, the system will be used throughout the city. There is no doubt that after its implementation in Moscow, this advanced technology will be used in the rest of Russia. The Security Service will certainly find the money to implement such advanced technologies, and such foreign experience will always be in demand and learned in Russia. In this connection, it should be noted that thousands of people in the Muslim colonies of the «Russian Federation» are on the so-called preventive lists of the E-center. In fact, they are currently deprived of their right to freedom of movement, but so far this is only noticeable at checkpoints and when buying tickets for bus, train and air travel. One can only speculate what will become of their lives when such a system is universally implemented…

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