Victims of the bloody cult?

The diabolical cult of Qasem Soleimani continues to claim bloody victims even after his death. Interestingly, most of the victims are Iranians themselves, not Americans, whom the Tehran regime promised to avenge with blood for the death of their idol. However, the Tehran regime does kill Americans, even by the hundreds, but only in its parallel reality in which it immerses its 80 million obedient and isolated Iranians from the world.

Thus, although both the American and Iraqi commanders declared that the Iranian attack on the American military base in Iraq did not result in any American casualties, Iranian television continues to tell its viewers stories about the corpses of hundreds of Americans who paid for the death of the great general (now they have stopped at 86). But unlike Soleimani’s enemies, who have only paid for his death in their imaginary reality, dozens of his admirers have actually lost their lives because of his death.

Today, we reported the most conservative number of victims who paid their respects at his funeral — 56 dead ( But this number may increase significantly, partly because over 200 crushed and drowned fanatics ended up in hospitals, and partly because unofficial sources speak of hundreds of deaths.

Another 177 people, including 82 Iranians (the rest are citizens of Canada, Ukraine and other countries), died today as a result of the crash of the Boeing 737-800 belonging to «Ukraine International Airlines» ( Can the plane crash be considered a random coincidence in the course of events? Tehran is trying to present the case in such a way, claiming that the plane crashed due to either engine failure or pilot error. Meanwhile, Al-Hadath reported that Iranian air defenses mistakenly shot down the plane, mistaking it for an American one. The initial statement from the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry rejected this version, saying that the reasons for the crash were purely technical and would require further investigation. After that, however, this statement disappeared from the website of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry and a new one appeared, which no longer ruled out the intentional destruction of the plane, but simply stated that the causes of the crash had not yet been determined…

Regardless, it is the Iranians themselves who have paid the price for the death of Soleimani, whose hands were soaked in blood. As for the Americans, most experts, even among the relatively sane Russian propagandists, comment sarcastically on the Iranian attack on an American base, considering it a show for the amusement of the Iranian masses, a significant portion of whom are demanding revenge from their regime for the killing of a man they themselves turned into a cult figure. How much more blood this cult will demand even after his death can only be speculated.

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