Will Moscow be able to repel its last allies?

It is astonishing that Russia, which has lost all solid allies and has embraced marginal regimes, manages to turn against them at a critical moment for itself. This has now happened with Khomeinist Iran, which until recently was the main supplier of the «shahids» turned «ghurani» that Russia is using to attack Ukraine.

This happened after a meeting of the foreign ministers of Russia and the countries of the Arab (Persian) Gulf, with the support of Moscow, agreed on a plan according to which Iran would vacate the islands of Abu Musa, Greater Tonb and Lesser Tonb, which had been seized by the UAE.

Our position on Khomeinist Iran is well known, and of course we support the return of all territories seized from the Sunni countries and the withdrawal of all Iranian forces from them, and the granting of the right of self-determination to all non-Persian peoples, especially the Sunni peoples, who are imprisoned within its borders.

But this is the position of the Sunni Muslims, and it is incomprehensible why Iran, for the sake of the UAE, stands against Moscow, which has been allied with them since its invasion of Syria. The pro-American UAE will not become an ally of Russia despite all its games with China, but Tehran has reacted very harshly to Moscow’s actions, not only publicly declaring its support for the territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders, but also recommending that Russia first return the Kuril Islands to Japan before interfering in other people’s affairs.

As a result, in practically just one month, July, Moscow has managed to seriously deteriorate its relations with an important partner like Ankara (with its course to abandon the grain deal, which provoked Erdogan’s reciprocal actions https://golosislama.com/news.php?id=41765) and almost lose such an ally as Tehran.

«Whatever a fool does, he does wrong,» says the Russian proverb. But this is wonderful, because the worse it is for them, the better it is for us.

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