How to change the order of the addends or change the sum?

«To live or not to live, that is the question.» While some are eagerly awaiting the news from Grozny (Chechnya), others are equally anxious. It is possible to understand both sides.

Some, seeing the helplessness of the people, put their hope in divine justice against the tyrants. Others, whose well-being and even lives are tied to these tyrants, fear losing everything. In this case, however, it would be correct for the majority to adhere to the principle that «changing the order of terms does not change the sum.

We have seen how Hafez al-Assad was replaced by Bashar al-Assad, and how three generations of the Kim family now rule North Korea. Tyrants, like all people, are mortal, and this is certainly cause for rejoicing. Unfortunately, the oppressive regimes they create often outlive them.

Therefore, one should not allow emotions to cloud one’s judgment and consider not only the «who» but also the «what. From this point of view, in the territory of the Russian Federation, as recently named by Dmitry Peskov, the death of only one tyrant can be significant today. Not because they are the personal source of the evil that is occurring (far from it), but because they currently have no obvious successors, which means that their death could lead to a power struggle between various groups in and around the Kremlin, ultimately leading to the collapse of the entire system.

It should be noted that the recent Prihodynsky mutiny illustrated this possibility. However, it is necessary to understand that if at this moment the forces representing an alternative to this system do not intervene in the political processes, it will eventually regroup — not in a month, but maybe in a year. And everything will continue again, not with Putin, but with Patrushev, not with Kadyrov, but with Demilhanov or others, because certain surnames and persons do not solve anything here, except for those who are connected to them.

Therefore, those who pray today are advised to do so correctly — for the elimination not only of tyrants, but also of their power systems, and for the success of those who can create a real alternative. It is even better not to limit oneself to such prayers, but to actively participate in the creation of these alternatives, if possible.

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