Another massacre of our brothers. Enough with the schizophrenia!

Yesterday, it became known that the prosecutor had demanded 19 years of strict regime colony for Muslim conscientious objectors Abdulmumin Gadjiev, Kemal Tambiev and Abubakar Rizvanov.

The day before, we wrote about how Turkey’s Constitutional Court rejected the prosecutor’s appeal to end state funding for a party that can truly be considered a legal cover for a terrorist network (HDP/PKK).

However, unlike this party, Abdulmumin, Kemal and Abubakar have absolutely no connection with terrorism and all the accusations against them are fabricated and based on false testimonies, infiltration of provocateurs and forgery.

We all understand very well that we cannot expect their acquittal in the Russian court. This is the difference between Russia and Turkey, where the judges can go against the prosecution.

Unfortunately, if the verdict for the brothers differs from what the prosecutor demanded, it is unlikely to be much different. For example, the prosecutor recently demanded 12 years of strict regime colony for opposition politician Liliya Khanyshova in Bashkortostan, but the court gave «only» 7.6 years.

And as absurd as it may sound, the reality is that this is not bad for Putin’s Russia, but that’s only because Chanyshova is a woman and the liberal society is standing up for her, etc.

Our brother Aslambek Ezhayev, whose trial was conducted under a veil of secrecy, was sentenced to 17 years of strict regime colony. For the same Islamic educational and charitable activities for which they now want to get rid of the brothers and accuse them of the same.

But this lawlessness is obvious to everyone, and now we want to talk about the fact that unfortunately it is not obvious to everyone. If you are a Muslim who understands that people like Ezhayev, Muminov, Tambiev, Rizvanov, etc. are victims of Islamophobic lawlessness, and if you sympathize with them and wish for their release, do not become an accomplice in their persecution!

Someone might ask, how is it possible for me to be complicit in their persecution? Unfortunately, there are people who suffer from political schizophrenia, who on the one hand are outraged by all this lawlessness against Muslims, but on the other hand now support Russia and Putin in the ongoing war because «we cannot lose, or else…».

And the «or else…» is actually that if the Putin regime suffers defeat and collapses, these and other of our brothers, as well as other political prisoners of the regime, will be released, inshaAllah. Moreover, only in this case will they be released. Because even in cases where such people serve their full sentence, there is no guarantee that this regime will not impose a new sentence on them under new charges.

Therefore, the only chance for the release of these and other of our brothers and sisters (yes, there are such as Zarifa Sautieva) is the fall of this regime and the liberation of its prisoners. That is why it is necessary not to wish for its victory or preservation, but only for its defeat.

Those who shed tears over the lawlessness of the Russian regime against Muslims, but wish for its victory and survival, should know that their tears are crocodile tears. Such people are complicit in the persecution of our brothers and sisters, and they will be held accountable. Therefore, while it is not too late, there is still time to repent and get rid of this schizophrenia and to call for it among those who suffer from it.

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