Are the Ichkerians organizing a congress of the Chechen people? Not everyone likes it!

Supporters of the state independence of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria have begun preparations for a congress of the Chechen people in one of the EU countries. It was the All-National Congress of the Chechen People (OKCHN) that proclaimed the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria and thus became the source of Chechen statehood. Its supporters, forced to leave their homeland, do not currently have the opportunity to physically build such a state.

However, given the rapid changes in international politics, the consolidation of supporters of the already established Chechen state, whose territory has been occupied, could lead to the emergence of a real political force in the future. It is not surprising that immediately after the press conference in Strasbourg announcing this, Anzor Maskhadov, the son of the second president of Ichkeria, Aslan Maskhadov, was hospitalized with signs of poisoning. At the moment he has been discharged from the hospital and we hope for his full recovery. However, given the numerous cases of poisoning of various opponents of the Kremlin, a number of public figures have already appealed to the French authorities to thoroughly investigate this case.

In addition, in recent days, videos entitled «LGBT for Euroichkeriyev» have appeared on pro-Putin channels, in which representatives of the «rainbow» community hold portraits of known supporters of Ichkeria in Europe and express solidarity with them. It is clear that only a «specially gifted person» could believe that this is conscious support, let alone that it is mutual. However, the production and distribution of such videos, as well as the poisoning of Anzor Maskhadov, indicate that the plans to consolidate the supporters of Chechen independence are perceived as a tangible threat by their opponents.

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