We will respond to their mobilization with demobilization!

The war is going badly for Putin’s Russia. Only the first deliveries of long-range Western artillery to Ukraine have been made, and the results are already impressive. Warehouses and ORC headquarters are being blown up one by one, along with dozens of high-ranking officers, including generals who were left next to the fuel trucks because of their «great intelligence.
Against this backdrop, two things are happening. On the one hand, there are increasing reports of dozens and sometimes hundreds of Russian soldiers refusing to serve as cannon fodder. People are either refusing orders or removing themselves from the front lines and walking away, for which their photos are hung on «shame boards» like this one. But that’s the right choice, because it’s better to be on a shame board than to fertilize Ukrainian soil and then burn in hell.
On the other hand, the Kremlin realizes that it cannot win this war with its original plan. Only now, due to their mental abilities, they understand this, although it should have been clear during the preparations for the war. It is now clear that their chances of winning are approaching zero, regardless of the outcome. Therefore, all human resources are being mobilized as cannon fodder, and the population is beginning to prepare for the inevitability of a general mobilization, or at least a series of mobilizations.
From all over the country there are reports of prisoners from the colonies being drafted into the army. The Kremlin’s devil Tadzhuddin, speaking on a holy Muslim holiday, called on Muslims to join the war against the «Antichrist,» for whom he mistook Ukraine. «National battalions» of loyal «non-Russians» are appointed «regimental imams» to encourage the recruited cannon fodder to participate in «jihad,» astaghfiru llah.
Finally, an extraordinary session of the State Duma has been scheduled for this week, July 15, where a major decision is expected to be announced. It is expected that either a war will be declared on Ukraine, accompanied by the mobilization of the male population to the front, or the creation of an expanded union state with the inclusion of the occupied territories, and/or Putin will be declared supreme ruler. But whatever they decide, it is obvious that the main purpose of this will be universal or partial mobilization.
In this regard, we appeal to Muslims who remain in Russia or have relatives there. Understand and spread the word that if you are called to the front, your chances of survival will decrease with time. The qualitative superiority of Western weapons over the plundered products of the Russian military-industrial complex will become more and more apparent, and the only chance for the Kremlin to turn the tide of battle, or at least to prevent a collapse on the front, will be to throw cannon fodder at the enemy.
Moreover, if earlier in the bloodiest battles in Donbass the Ukrainian army used cannon fodder mobilized from the residents of the «DPR» and «LPR», now it seems to be everyone. The human resources of these unfortunate people who believed in the «Russian world» are on the verge of exhaustion — Putin has «protected» Donbass in such a way that 80% of its population has already left. Therefore, now there will be a greater recruitment of «nationalists» into the army, fortunately there is no one left to fight in the drunken Russian heartland, and the big cities will be the last to be touched, for fear of anti-government uprisings.
In such a situation, simply do not listen to the sellout imams who feed you lies. Spit on them, chase them away, ridicule them, boo them, and if you cannot, just get up and walk out of their sermons and encourage others to do the same. Avoid mobilization by all means, and if you or your loved ones are deceived or forced to go there against your will, surrender to the Ukrainian army at the first opportunity with your hands up, explaining that you are Muslims and were forced to fight against your will. We will respond to their general mobilization with our total demobilization. This way we will win and they will lose, Insha Allah!

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