Britain calls for Netanyahu’s arrest

Benjamin Netanyahu

In the UK, 80,000 signatures have been collected for a petition demanding Prime Minister of the Zionist entity, Benjamin Netanyahu, to be held accountable for war crimes. Netanyahu is accused of escalating the conflict in 2014, which resulted in the deaths of thousands of mainly innocent Palestinians.

It is worth noting that Netanyahu’s crimes are not limited to the past. After his right-wing Zionist coalition returned to power, there was an increase in the policy of Zionizing Jerusalem (leading to a rise in clashes), more frequent attacks by Zionist extremist settlers against peaceful Arabs (resulting in the death of an 18-month-old child during one of the arson incidents in Duma), and a rise in the frequency and brutality of Israeli military-police raids against Palestinians.

To the credit of the British people, it should be noted that this action against Netanyahu is not the first of its kind. In 2008, similar petitions were collected for the arrest of Tzipi Livni for similar crimes. The UK is home to 2.2 million Muslims, while Russia has approximately 20 million.

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