Lawlessness of special services in Dagestan: revelations of their former employee?

Vladimir Osechkin, the founder and leader of the «» project, which exposes numerous crimes committed by Russian security forces, has detonated another information bomb. This time it is a two-hour video featuring former FSB counterintelligence officer Emran Navruzbaev, in which he discusses in detail the numerous crimes committed by his colleagues that he was an eyewitness to. Moreover, most of the events described took place in Dagestan. These include planting weapons on innocent people, organizing terrorist attacks on behalf of underground organizations, killing innocent people under the guise of terrorists, planning the assassination of dissidents, including abroad, and much more — all of which you can learn from the heartfelt confessions of the former FSB counterintelligence agent who is now seeking political asylum in Europe. You can watch the video here: (insert YouTube link).

To be honest, these confessions did not shock us in any way, as this is exactly how we have long imagined the activities of the Russian security forces. However, we have heard from many people, including intelligent people critical of the Russian government and even our like-minded supporters, that they were shocked by what they heard. Therefore, for those who still have any illusions about the country’s intelligence services that supposedly defeated the «screep,» we recommend spending a little over two hours of your time watching this video.

By the way, a few days after Navruzbaev’s confession, his relatives were arrested, and he made an appeal to them, which can be seen here: (insert YouTube link).

For our part, we would like to note that although it is understandable that this person was involved in crimes, including against our supporters, we must realize that without individuals like him switching to the side of truth, this machinery cannot be dismantled. Therefore, such defections should only be welcomed.

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