Will Prigozhin Annoy Erdogan?

As Vladimir Osechkin reports, citing his source in the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), international terrorist Yevgeny Prigozhin, with the help of the terrorist organization «Ministry of Defense of Russia,» is preparing to transfer up to 3,000 fighters from another international terrorist organization, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), to the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine to wage war against it. The source in the SVR who shared this information expresses concern that if this project is implemented, it may provoke an extremely harsh reaction from the Turkish leadership and personally from Recep Tayyip Erdogan, for whom the presence of the PKK anywhere, under any guise or pretext, serves as a kind of «red rag».

Does Prigozhin understand that his actions can have a negative impact on relations between official Moscow and Ankara? This is an interesting question, because lately he not only ignores the authority of the official Russian state structures, but also demonstratively humiliates them, as he does with the top leadership of the Ministry of Defense, in particular with the Chief of the General Staff Gerasimov (and previously with General Lapin).

Besides, Prigozhin (as well as the whole gang that completely controls this state) is not concerned with such high matters as strategic foreign relations — they have to fill the gaps on the front today at any cost, lest their heads be cut off tomorrow. Either their own heads — with hammers or poison, or the heads of the Ukrainians — with machetes and bayonets, who will soon be hunting them not only in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, but also deep inside Russia, where they are already making forays, as in the case of the Engels airfield.

As for the rumor about the possible appearance of the PKK in the Russo-Ukrainian war, I dare to assume that the leadership of this organization is not so stupid as to get involved in such an adventure and guarantee to send its fighters to the Ukrainian steppes for unclear reasons. After all, they are international terrorists, but they are also ideologically, politically and militarily experienced, which has allowed them to exist for several decades in confrontation with the strongest regional states. Prigozhin, on the other hand, is a thug and a dealer without political insight and experience, who rose from the mud to the ranks of princes and imagined himself a political actor on a global scale.

By the way, there is good news — one of his henchmen, Kirill Romanovsky, who lured our brother Orkhan Dzhemal and two of his colleagues into a trap, died today of a painful illness. We hope that other scoundrels involved in this murder will soon follow him to the «Kobzon Concert».

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