Turks and Kurds clash on the streets of Europe

Muslim bloggers living in Europe report clashes between Turkish and Kurdish activists in several EU countries this past weekend.

In Frankfurt, Germany, a mass brawl involving the use of cold weapons took place on Friday. The police had to use special equipment and about 4,000 people to quell the riots.

Similar clashes took place in Bern, Switzerland, where Turkish activists rammed their vehicle at high speed into Kurdish communist demonstrators.

In the Swedish capital, Stockholm, demonstrations by both sides were more peaceful. Observers noted the well-organized and political nature of the Turkish demonstration, while the Kurdish protests looked more like soccer fan gatherings.

Thus, it appears that Kurdish nationalists have decided to extend their aggressive actions from regions such as Turkey and Syria, where Kurdish armed militants operate, to European territory, attempting to shape public opinion against Turkey and using overtly Islamophobic propaganda. However, the Turkish diaspora in Europe is also an organized and cohesive force ready to counter aggressive Kurdish efforts.

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