Islamophobic action in the center of Prague

Two Islamophobic organizations («We Don’t Want Islam in the Czech Republic» and «Block Against Islam») staged a performance in several locations in Prague aimed at discrediting Islam.

Specifically, they placed mannequins of bound women being stoned to death in several public parks, with explanatory signs reading «She was killed for adultery». The campaign was obviously aimed at instilling intolerance towards Islam in the tolerant (towards homosexuality, extramarital affairs, etc.) Czech society.

It is worth noting that Islamophobia provokes different reactions among Czechs. On the one hand, there are anti-fascist and anti-xenophobic youth initiatives that oppose groups like «We Don’t Want Islam in the Czech Republic» and organize rallies where ordinary Czech women wear hijabs and participants later enjoy shawarma. On the other hand, there is a clearly pronounced Islamophobic lobby in media and political circles, despite the fact that the Muslim community in the Czech Republic consists of no more than 7,000 people out of a population of approximately 10 million.

The current president of the Czech Republic (a parliamentary republic), Milos Zeman, is a staunch Islamophobe and a strong supporter of Israel. He also advocates an alliance with Russia, which he sees as standing against «Islamism.

Note: The information in this text reflects the events and views described and does not represent the personal opinion or stance of the AI language model.

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